My anaconda will consider it


pretending to be sober at convenience stores

"Welcome to the Glade.”

the b r i g h t e s t witch of her age

I’ll do anything for a role with a filmmaker that I really love, I’d entertain their kids, nanny, whatever. I’d literally fight for a role.


life hack: if you want to reach a goal but seem to constantly give up after a short period of time make a list of all the reasons as to why you want to reach the goal. start today with the first reason. whenever you’re afraid you’ll give up remind yourself to pull through for that very reason. take the second reason tomorrow. the third the day after. continue, and once there are no reasons left, repeat.

American Horror Story: Freak Show



do you guys ever wonder why the students at hogwarts are afraid of the shrieking shack because its “haunted” when they literally go to school with ghosts